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A big moment: regulating personal genome services


An individual gene profile provides a window into a person’s medical future, by examining DNA samples, but what are the best ways of regulating this developing technology? LSIPR looks at the challenges and possible solutions.

Burden of proof: US Supreme Court backs licensees

US19-02-2014Matthew Nielsen

The US Supreme Court has again reversed a Federal Circuit decision, this time over burden of proof, says Matthew Nielsen.

SPCs: a call for clarity


The CJEU has delivered its judgment in three SPC cases, in an attempt to address fundamental issues in the SPC Regulation, as well as uncertainties arising from earlier rulings. Although questions have been answered, others have been raised, say David Carling and Michael Pears.

The Glivec case: getting beyond efficacy

India19-02-2014Jitesh Kumar

The Indian Supreme Court has failed to provide the clarity which is craved by practitioners in its latest pronouncement on the controversial Section 3(d), says Jitesh Kumar.

Therapeutic use claims: assessing 'effective' treatment


Common themes, in particular in the context of second medical use claims and dosage regimes, are on the radar of the UK courts, as Jennifer Antcliff and Dennis Waller report.

More bang for your buck: second medical use and the EPC 2000

EU19-02-2014Caroline Pallard

Second and further medical use claims provide companies and patent lawyers with interesting opportunities, as Caroline Pallard explains.

Personalised medicine in Europe: is the patent system keeping up?

EU19-02-2014Robert Andrews

The rise of so-called personalised medicine presents new challenges and opportunities for drugs companies, says Robert Andrews.

Tackling the patent backlog in Brazil

Brazil19-02-2014Gabriel di Blasi

It’s been a long time coming, but perhaps the Brazilian patent office is finally going to deal with the logjam of patent applications, says Gabriel di Blasi.

Aiming high: Canadian biotech


In a global league, Canada’s biotech industry would be respectably mid table. LSIPR talks to Andrew Casey, president of industry association BIOTECanada, about how the organisation is trying to take it to the next level.

Hive mentality: using open source research to develop diagnostic solutions


Susana Soares is a designer inspired by scientific research to create objects that explore new aesthetic and behavioural opportunities. LSIPR investigated how she protects her work in a realm where life sciences and design collide.

Showing 571 to 580 of 675 results