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Global patents: innovation leads to growth

International30-01-2015Bob Stembridge

Despite the headwinds facing the industry, a growing number of leading pharmaceutical companies feature on Thomson Reuters’ annual Top 100 Global Innovators list, as Bob Stembridge reports.

After Alice: the two-step rule

US30-01-2015Judith Kim and Scott Schaller

Existing portfolios should be carefully reviewed and care must be taken in drafting new patent applications to withstand section 101 scrutiny in the US, as Judith Kim, director, and Scott Schaller, of counsel, at Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox, describe.

Marketing authorisation: the right to challenge

EU19-12-2014Trevor Cook

A decision by the CJEU on a Latvian case should make it easier in the future to challenge an MA granted for a generic version of a reference product, as Trevor Cook of WilmerHale explains.

Repurposed drugs: second time lucky

EU19-12-2014Simon Kremer and Rachel Jones

Bringing a ‘repurposed’ drug to market requires a clear patent strategy, but clarity is unfortunately lacking in this field, say Simon Kremer and Rachel Jones of law firm Mewburn Ellis.

Bulletproofing pharma patents

US19-12-2014Christine Goddard and Janis Fraser

Maximising the strength of patent protection should be an important objective of any R&D pharma company. Christine Goddard and Janis Fraser of law firm Fish & Richardson offer their six top tips for success.

Crystallics: crystal clear


With its roots stretching back to oil company Shell, Crystallics underpins pharmaceutical research and development by investigating the crystalline structures of drugs and potential drug compounds. LSIPR reports.

Nagoya Protocol: searching for living gold

EU, UK28-11-2014Charles Brabin

Does the coming into force of the Nagoya Protocol represent an overdue step in the right direction towards fairness, or more red tape and unattainable expectations? Charles Brabin, a non-practising barrister, sifts through the complexities.

University of Manchester IP: walk the line

UK, US28-11-2014

By facilitating public access to the work being done, universities face the challenge of maintaining a balance between being transparent and commercialising IP. LSIPR spoke to the head of the University of Manchester IP about walking the fine line.

Wearable technology: seeing the future


Google’s new contact lens sensor is just one of the latest eye-based devices that has vast potential in the field of medicine. LSIPR reports.

Patent decisions: a clash of the courts

US27-11-2014Felicia Boyd

The US Supreme Court has now heard arguments in the appeal of Teva v Sandoz from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This could fundamentally change how patent decisions are reviewed by the Federal Circuit and the deference given to district court rulings, says Felicia Boyd of Barnes & Thornburg.

Showing 611 to 620 of 790 results