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Apotex appeal: cold feet in Canada

Canada27-11-2014Gunars Gaikis

The Supreme Court of Canada was expected to bring the Canadian law on utility more into line with other jurisdictions, but those hopes have now received a setback, as Gunars Gaikis of Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh reports.

IPEC: the right forum for life sciences?

UK27-11-2014Mark Didmon and Simon Curtis

The UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court offers a quick and cheap way to resolve IP disputes, but very few have involved life sciences inventions. Mark Didmon and Simon Curtis of Potter Clarkson ask whether IPEC is an appropriate forum for handling these types of patent disputes.

IP in Brazil: breaking down barriers

Brazil27-11-2014Gabriel Di Blasi and Mellina Mamede

There still are some cultural, legal and procedural barriers that must be overcome before the potential of Brazil’s life sciences sector can be realised, as Gabriel Di Blasi and Mellina Mamede of Di Blasi, Parente & Associados explain.

Biologics in India: bridging the gap

India27-11-2014Ranjna Mehta-Dutt and Neha Srivastava

The Indian Patent Office has issued guidelines aimed at bringing together the intentions of the Patents Act and the Biological Diversity Act, but this has posed serious challenges in obtaining patent protection, say Ranjna Mehta-Dutt and Neha Srivastava of Remfry & Sagar.

Genetic resources in Mexico: fulfilling good intentions

India27-11-2014Karla Roxana Aispuro Castro and Mariana González Vargas

The current regulations in Mexico provide a legal framework for protecting genetic resources, but the framework for investing in new biotechnology is still not clear, as Karla Roxana Aispuro Castro and Mariana González Vargas of Becerril, Coca & Becerril report.

Tomato and Broccoli: patenting plant products

EU, Germany27-11-2014Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel

The EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal is about to deliver its long-awaited final decision on the patentability of plants, in the hope that it will at least bring legal certainty to patentees and unfreeze pending appeals. Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel of Grünecker report.

PlasmaTech: two strings to its bow


At first glance, it might seem odd for a company to both divide blood plasma and fight the side-effects of cancer treatment. But not for PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, which tells LSIPR about how the company does it and also protects its IP.

Clinical trial data: a culture of transparency


A new EU policy will require pharmaceutical companies to provide clinical trial data when seeking marketing approval for their drugs. But how will they ensure adequate IP protection while embracing the new culture of transparency? LSIPR reports.

Patenting Parthenotes

EU04-11-2014Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel

Earlier this year, the Advocate General of 
the CJEU opined that stem cells from parthenotes are patentable. Franz-Josef Zimmer and Markus Grammel examine the reasoning behind his opinion.

Patent protection for microorganisms

EU04-11-2014Peter ten Haaft

Depositing a microorganism in a country may be crucial for obtaining a method patent in that jurisdiction, but can come with its pitfalls, says Peter ten Haaft.

Showing 621 to 630 of 790 results