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Generic battles: pay-for-delay in Brazil

Brazil01-04-2013Gabriel Di Blasi

While no court has tested it, Brazilian legislation seems to prohibit pay-for-delay settlements in the pharmaceutical industry. Gabriel Di Blasi argues that it’s time for a test case.

Who's first? New rules on filing patents

US01-04-2013MaryAnne Armstrong

On March 16, 2013, the ‘first inventor to file’ provisions of the AIA came into effect. MaryAnne Armstrong looks at the implications.

Moving forward: biologics and biocomparables in Mexico

Mexico01-04-2013Daniel Sánchez and Victor Ramirez

Biocomparable medicines are currently among the hottest topics in regard to life sciences legislation in Mexico. Daniel Sánchez and Victor Ramirez investigate.

Patent protection of traditional knowledge and biological material

India01-04-2013Archana Shanker and Vidisha Garg

Therapeutic substances used under the folk medicine practices of what is known as ‘traditional knowledge’ are protected by special provisions under Indian patent law. Archana Shanker and Vidisha Garg explore the pros and cons.

Slow but positive change? The evolution of section 3d

India01-04-2013Rahul Vartak

New definitions of efficacy are helping to clarify pharmaceutical patent challenges under the notorious Section 3d of the Indian Patents Act, says Rahul Vartak.

The European take on the Bolar provision: conclusions from Astellas v Polpharma

Poland01-04-2013Rafał Witek

While changes to European law seem to allow fairly broad exemptions to the patent law for companies developing generic alternatives to branded drugs, the reality is different, as Rafał Witek explains.

Twenty-one years of SPCs – a cause for celebration?


Gordon Wright reviews the key SPC cases as Europe’s SPC Regulation for medicinal products approaches its 21st birthday.

The likely role of the UPC in pharma patent litigation


The recent agreement on a Unified Patent Court in Europe raises questions for patent holders in all industries. Trevor Cook looks at the potential impact on pharmaceutical patent litigation.

Confidence in the face of counterfeits


When most people hear the word counterfeiting, they think of fashion, but as Bruce Longbottom of Eli Lilly and Company explains, drugs are a key target too.

Waiting to inhale: MannKind's diabetes strategy


For a young innovation company, IP protection is all about ensuring comprehensive coverage. LSIPR spoke to David Diamond of MannKind Corporation about its threats and opportunities.

Showing 641 to 650 of 694 results