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Investigating insects: Oxitec's novel approach


Oxitec’s pioneering insect sterilisation technique could eradicate dengue fever and malaria and cut crop damage worldwide. LSIPR spoke to CEO Hadyn Parry about the company’s development and its approach to protecting its inventions.

Hub and spoke? Life sciences in Northern France


It seems an unlikely place for innovation, but Lille and its surroundings play host to a burgeoning life sciences industry. LSIPR visited to find out more.

Australia: the Myriad case


The Federal Court in Australia has ruled in Cancer Voices Australia v. Myriad Genetics that isolated genetic material is patentable in Australia. Karen Sinclair explains the relevant issues.

India: the Sunitinib case


Sugen’s patent for anti-cancer drug sunitinib has been revoked by the Indian Patent Office. Ranjna Mehta-Dutt and Swarup Kumar at Remfry & Sagar explain the details of the matter.

Myriad: Keeping a low profile


The latest rulings in the controversial legal battle over breast cancer gene patents seem to have found two out of three issues in defendant Myriad Genetics’ favour, but legal counsel Ben Jackson isn’t too excited by the implications.

A step forward: new dosage patents in Mexico?

01-05-2012Pablo Fuentes

The status of patentability for new dosage regimes in Mexico is unclear, but there have been some positive signs, says Pablo Fuentes.

On the right track: the road to innovation in Brazil

01-05-2012Otto Licks and Marcela Trigo

Brazil’s IP system has struggled to keep pace with its economic growth, but as Otto Licks and Marcela Trigo explain, there are some promising signs.

A question of fairness: preliminary injunctions in Mexico

01-05-2012Hedwig Lindner and Manuel Morante

The system governing preliminary injunctions for pharmaceutical patent infringement should be revised to stave off potential frivolous cases, say Hedwig Lindner and Manuel Morante.

The right foundations: the importance of prior art searches


LSIPR talks to Matt McBride about how Science IP can help businesses ensure their patent plans get off to the best possible start.

Crossed wires: protecting medicines in Mexico

01-05-2012Daniel Sánchez and Victor Ramirez

When introducing medicinal products to any market, the strength of the trademark is crucial. But the Mexican system requires getting trademark approval from two different authorities.

Showing 651 to 660 of 694 results