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The Bolar exemption: the need for agreement

EU, Germany, Poland20-06-2014Rafal Witek

There is no uniform interpretation of the scope of the Bolar exemption in Europe, but a CJEU opinion harmonising the issue may be on the way, says Rafal Witek.

IP in Mexico: alternative remedies

Mexico20-06-2014José R. Trigueros

Acting against infringers can involve the pharmaceutical regulatory framework and civil law as well as following the more usual pathways, says José R. Trigueros.

New labelling requirements in Mexico

Mexico20-06-2014Daniel Sanchez and Victor Ramirez

Amended rules for food and drink packaging seek to ensure that people can easily identify the high calorific content of some of these products, as Daniel Sanchez and Victor Ramirez report.

Patent protection of amino acid and nucleic acid sequences

Brazil20-06-2014Marisa Moura Momoli

The rate of development in the biotech sector means revisions to the patent guidelines are more needed than ever, says Marisa Moura Momoli.

Biotechnology drugs: threats and opportunities

Brazil20-06-2014Hector E. Chagoya

The patent regulatory framework in Mexico needs to evolve if the investment in, and marketing of, promising biotechnology drug products is to succeed, says Hector E. Chagoya.

Double patenting: expiry dates hold the key

US20-06-2014MaryAnne Armstrong

Obviousness-type double patenting is a serious consideration that patent owners should keep in mind during the examination of an application or in performing due diligence on a patent portfolio, says MaryAnne Armstrong.

Patent term: proceed with caution

US20-06-2014Gaby L. Longsworth and Eric K. Steffe

The effect of obviousness-type double patenting on patent term extension and patent term adjustment in the biotech and pharma industry needs careful consideration, as Gaby L. Longsworth and Eric K. Steffe report.

Emerging opportunities in East Asia

Chile, Japan, South Korea20-06-2014

China, Japan and South Korea are three of the most developed markets in the world for pharmaceuticals but they still offer a wealth of opportunities for both innovators and generic drug companies. LSIPR looks at the protection available for those seeking to do business there.

BIO preview: a meeting of minds


More than 15,000 life sciences industry professionals will arrive in San Diego this month for the annual BIO International Convention. LSIPR looks at some of the most interesting sessions, and talks to a couple of speakers.

Digital health: rise of the machines

EU, US20-06-2014

Digital health, which brings together digital and genetic data to improve healthcare, will play a vital role in personalised medicine. But there will be significant challenges when it comes to protecting this innovative new area. LSIPR looks at its uses and the potential challenges.

Showing 651 to 660 of 781 results