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More bang for your buck: second medical use and the EPC 2000

EU19-02-2014Caroline Pallard

Second and further medical use claims provide companies and patent lawyers with interesting opportunities, as Caroline Pallard explains.

Personalised medicine in Europe: is the patent system keeping up?

EU19-02-2014Robert Andrews

The rise of so-called personalised medicine presents new challenges and opportunities for drugs companies, says Robert Andrews.

Tackling the patent backlog in Brazil

Brazil19-02-2014Gabriel di Blasi

It’s been a long time coming, but perhaps the Brazilian patent office is finally going to deal with the logjam of patent applications, says Gabriel di Blasi.

Aiming high: Canadian biotech


In a global league, Canada’s biotech industry would be respectably mid table. LSIPR talks to Andrew Casey, president of industry association BIOTECanada, about how the organisation is trying to take it to the next level.

Hive mentality: using open source research to develop diagnostic solutions


Susana Soares is a designer inspired by scientific research to create objects that explore new aesthetic and behavioural opportunities. LSIPR investigated how she protects her work in a realm where life sciences and design collide.

Cellular Dynamics: cells to order


Stem cells are seen by many as the great hope for medical research in the years to come. LSIPR spoke to Nicholas Seay, chief technology officer at Cellular Dynamics, about the importance of IP in this field.

SPCs at the CJEU

Netherlands, UK13-01-2014

Three December decisions from the Court Of Justice of the European Union shed light on supplementary protection certificates in Europe.

Number crunching: the search for potential therapies


How can ‘big’ data help drug candidates through the pipeline? And who does the data belong to? LSIPR spoke to NuMedii chief executive Gini Deshpande.

Big in Japan: Riken and patents


As the largest science research institute in Japan, Riken has an important role in promoting innovation. LSIPR talked to Akihiro Fujita, director of the institute’s research cluster for innovation, about the place of intellectual property in that endeavour.

Patenting diagnostic methods post-Myriad

US03-12-2013Antoinette Konski

The first US court decision applying the Myriad decision has landed, and it makes for interesting reading, as Antoinette Konski reports.

Showing 681 to 690 of 780 results