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Investing in patent search: tips for practitioners

14-06-2018Ellen Sherin

In order to maximise the value from the patent search process, IP practitioners should take note of several tips including offering clear guidance to the searcher—and even saying ‘thank you’. Ellen Sherin of GQ Life Sciences reports.

The future of precision medicine part 1: challenges and opportunities

UK, US13-06-2018Daniel Lim

The healthcare industry and governments around the world are turning to precision medicine as an opportunity and a potential saviour. Daniel Lim of Kirkland & Ellis discusses the issues around translating the promise of precision medicine into real world clinical practice.

Conference preview: International Pharma Patent Term Extensions Forum


C5’s International Pharma Patent Term Extensions Forum, which will be held in Munich, Germany on June 19 and 20, will provide guidance on patent term extensions in the world’s key IP regions, as LSIPR finds out.

Protecting patients, and patents

Canada, Indonesia, Singapore04-06-2018

Drug companies can take heart from a range of best practices in the battle against counterfeit medicines, as LSIPR finds out.

Medicines regulation after Brexit: compromise the key


With Brexit looming, questions are being asked about the future regulatory relationship between the EU and the UK, with life sciences companies wondering how they will be affected. LSIPR reports.

Regulation and licensing: the CRISPR conundrum continues

China, EU, US04-06-2018

As innovation in the CRISPR field continues across the world, questions are being asked about the role of regulating such a powerful tool, while discussions around licensing the technology continue, as LSIPR reports.

ZFN: a rival to CRISPR


As a rival to CRISPR in the gene-editing field, zinc finger nuclease technology is making a name for itself. LSIPR hears from Sandy Macrae, CEO of Sangamo Therapeutics, one of the key players in this area.

Keeping quiet on clinical trials

Mexico03-06-2018Anna Arroyo and Fernando Granados

Pharma companies with an interest in protecting clinical trial data in Mexico should follow international developments rather than looking closer to home, say Anna Arroyo and Fernando Granados of Uhthoff Gómez Vega & Uhthoff.

Not in the right spirit

Mexico03-06-2018Daniel Sanchez and Victor Ramirez

Mexico’s guidelines on the advertising of alcoholic beverages should be reviewed by the courts because of concerns about their lawfulness, as Daniel Sanchez and Victor Ramirez of Olivares report.

Speeding up the fight against Zika

Brazil02-06-2018Ana Paula Jardim and Andréa Granthon

Brazil’s IP office now expedites patent applications directed to the Zika virus and other neglected diseases, as Ana Paula Jardim and Andréa Granthon of Luiz Leonardos report.

Showing 91 to 100 of 633 results