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Novartis secures injunction barring generic MS drugs


A US court has issued an injunction barring the manufacture of generic versions of Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis’ multiple sclerosis drug Gileyna.

AbbVie to acquire Allergan for $63bn


US drug maker AbbVie has agreed to buy Allergan, the Ireland-headquartered maker of Botox, for $63 billion, in the latest blockbuster deal for the pharmaceutical industry.

Cancer centre sues BMS and Ono over alleged patent exploitation


Boston-based Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is seeking a share of the $1.6 billion in licensing revenue that BMS and Ono Pharmaceutical Co have allegedly received from six immunotherapy patents.

Teva infringed UCB patent, rules Fed Circuit


The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit yesterday, June 24, upheld a lower court’s finding that UCB’s patent is infringed by a planned generic version of Neupro, a patch to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Fed Circuit sides with Merck in antifungal treatment dispute


A US court has upheld a decision that eight claims of one of Mayne Pharma’s patents are unpatentable for obviousness over prior art after a validity challenge was brought by a subsidiary of Merck & Co.

English High Court refuses to grant Pfizer Arrow declaration


Pfizer’s attempt to secure an Arrow declaration in relation to its proposed launch of a cancer drug in Europe was shot down yesterday, June 20, by the English High Court.

Generic drugs cost 30x more in poor countries: report

India, US, Zimbabwe20-06-2019

Generic medicines can cost up to 30 times more in poor countries, according to a new study.

Amphastar enters into $59m settlement with Sandoz and Momenta


US pharmaceutical company Amphastar Pharmaceuticals is to receive $59.9 million in a settlement agreement with two of its competitors, Sandoz and Momenta Pharmaceuticals.

US officials call for review of government-owned IP management


A US congressman and senator have asked the country’s audit institution, the Government Accountability Office to review the management of government-owned IP in the health sector.

Pharma companies join forces to block list price disclosure


Pharmaceutical companies Merck & Co, Eli Lilly, and Amgen are suing the US Department of Health and Human Services over proposed rules which would force companies to disclose the list prices of drugs in TV advertisements.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1459 results