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UK Supreme Court invalidates Eli Lilly patent relating to Cialis


The UK Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Actavis (which has been acquired by Teva) and Mylan in a patent dispute against Eli Lilly, after an earlier court found that one of Eli Lilly’s patents was invalid for lacking an inventive step.

GSK sues Chinese company over Advair Diskus TMs


Pharmaceutical company GSK has taken a Chinese company to court over its alleged “deliberate and unlawful campaign” to copy GSK’s trademarks.

Allergan and tribe hit back at Mylan claims in SCOTUS brief


Allergan and the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe have again urged the US Supreme Court to hear their closely-followed litigation on tribal sovereign immunity, following a submission from generic maker Mylan in the case.

Teva enters settlement with Novo Nordisk to sell Victoza generic


Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and generics maker Teva have reached a settlement in their US dispute over Victoza.

WHO and UN actions undermine IP and hurt innovation, warns PhRMA


Supranational organisations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations Development Program are promoting acts, policies and practices that prevent biopharmaceutical innovators from securing and maintaining patents.

National Cancer Institute’s director named as acting FDA chief


The Trump administration has named Ned Sharpless, director of the National Cancer Institute, as the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) acting commissioner.

FDA chief Gottlieb resigns after nearly two years


Scott Gottlieb, commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, resigned from his post yesterday, March 5, with plans to step down in the next month.

UK court overturns Genentech patent, cites Brexit in CJEU referral


The patents division of the English High Court has found that a patent owned by Genentech is invalid and denied the biotechnology company’s application for a supplementary protection certificate.

US FTC settles pay-for-delay case with AbbVie


The US Federal Trade Commission concluded a ten-year pay-for-delay suit yesterday, with AbbVie agreeing not to enter certain settlements in patent cases that delay market entry of generic drugs.

Amgen prevails against Sanofi and Regeneron


A jury has upheld two of Amgen’s patents for its cholesterol drug Repatha, rejecting a challenge brought by two competitors.

Showing 91 to 100 of 833 results