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US med-tech secures victory in drug transfer system dispute

US25-08-2022Staff Writer

Illinois court rules company’s syringe to drug vial system doesn’t infringe | System’s components can be used for other purposes.

Fed Circuit rejects Minerva patent invalidation bid

US12-08-2022Staff Writer

Hologic patent invented by Minerva’s founder cannot be invalidated | Patent in dispute concerns device used to treat uterine bleeding | US Court of Appeals.

J&J unit primed for multi-million dollar damages over counterfeits

US04-08-2022Staff Writer

Judge urges $18m award in ‘horrific’ counterfeiting case | Counterfeits were ‘bacterially contaminated’ | Ethicon.

Medtech firm faces lawsuit over COVID–19 design

US02-08-2022Staff Writer

Leading healthcare tech company accused of infringing COVID-19 test design | Cellex has asked court for injunctive relief | Siemens.

Medical device companies settle spinal therapy disputes

US02-08-2022Staff Writer

Nevro sued over the launch of a 10kHz spinal cord stimulation system | Boston Scientific negotiates a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence.

Federal Circuit affirms US university’s patent invalidations

US19-07-2022Staff writer

Kidney test patents detect “natural phenomena” | Delaware court grants Natera and Eurofins summary judgments on ineligibility.

Bad news for Italy’s EMA relocation challenge

EU, Italy15-07-2022

EU’s top court denies bid that Amsterdam decision was a “misuse of powers” | Complaint said The Netherlands facility wasn’t ready | Milan lost out after random pick from a fish bowl.

Microsoft’s AI software unit shakes off patent suit


A Delaware court found in favour of the AI company, which Microsoft bought for $16 billion last year.

Swiss big pharma settles patent dispute with Insulet

Switzerland, US12-07-2022

The dispute over a patent covering a blood glucose level monitor ends with a multimillion-dollar payment and a licence agreement.

CleveMed sues ResMed over patent infringement


Ohio-based Cleveland Medical Devices (CleveMed) has accused ResMed of infringing patents through the sale of devices and software for the testing and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing or apnea.

Showing 1 to 10 of 442 results