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Adamas settles Gocovri clash with Sandoz

US03-01-2020Sarah Morgan

California-based Adamas Pharmaceuticals has entered into a settlement agreement with Novartis’ generics unit Sandoz over a treatment for dyskinesia, the involuntary movements in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Eli Lilly secures Alimta patent win over Apotex

US02-01-2020Rory O'Neill

Eli Lilly has won a victory in a cancer drug dispute after a federal judge ruled that Canadian pharmaceutical company Apotex’s new drug application infringed the company’s patent.

NYU cardiologist sues Apple over heart-monitoring tech

US02-01-2020Rory O'Neill

A New York-based cardiologist is suing Apple over the tech that allows the Apple Watch to detect irregular heart rhythms.

USPTO grants University of California 20th CRISPR patent

US02-01-2020Sarah Morgan

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted the University of California its 20th US patent on CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technologies.

Sandoz and Momenta to pay $120m to end antitrust suit

US24-12-2019Sarah Morgan

Sandoz and Momenta have agreed to pay $120 million to bring an antitrust class action over blockbuster blood clot drug enoxaparin to an end.

J&J to acquire Verily stake in Verb Surgical

US23-12-2019Sarah Morgan

Johnson & Johnson has announced its plan to acquire the remaining stake in Verb Surgical, its robotics venture with Alphabet-owned Verily.

Bayer settles fungicide trade secrets claims

Germany23-12-2019Sarah Morgan

Bayer has dropped trade secrets claims against a former employee and rival company, which it had accused of stealing confidential information related to organic fungicides.

Bausch Health resolves patent litigation with Glenmark

Canada, US23-12-2019Sarah Morgan

Canadian pharmaceutical company Bausch Health and India-based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals have resolved their outstanding IP litigation over Bryhali lotion.

Supermarket chain settles pay-for-delay suit over birth control pill

19-12-2019Rory O'Neill

Dutch supermarket owner Ahold Delhaize has agreed to settle a series of patent infringement suits filed against pharmaceutical companies including Warner Chilcott and Watson over contraceptive pill Loestrin 24 Fe.

Fed Circuit says warning labels could be protectable by copyright

19-12-2019Rory O'Neill

Syngenta will be allowed to raise claims that Willowood infringed its copyright by copying warning labels on pesticides, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled yesterday, December 18.

Showing 21 to 30 of 2788 results