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Pfizer revenues to slow as drugs lose exclusivity


American pharmaceutical company Pfizer warned investors of little revenue growth to come in 2019, owing partly to expiring exclusivity rights on drugs including Viagra and the seizure medicine Lyrica.

Celgene signs $1bn deal to develop blood cancer therapy

Canada, US31-01-2019

Global biopharmaceutical company Celgene has signed a collaboration deal worth up to nearly $1 billion to develop a preclinical therapeutic for the treatment of blood cancers, including leukaemia.

FDA approved record number of novel devices in 2018


A record number of novel devices were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2018, the federal agency has said.

Chinese national jailed for stealing medical devices tech


A US district court has sentenced a Chinese national to 27 months in federal prison for the theft of trade secrets from two American medical device manufacturers.

Thailand suspends medical marijuana patents


Thailand’s government has suspended all patents for medical marijuana products, a little more than a month after the country’s parliament voted to approve marijuana for medical use and research.

Merck signs DNA licensing deal with Vertex

Germany, US28-01-2019

German pharmaceutical company Merck Group has granted US biotech firm Vertex a licence to two DNA-dependent protein kinases inhibitors.

Indian committee advocates compulsory licensing and price caps


Indian pharmaceutical companies should be encouraged to grant compulsory licences and prices of some patented medicines should be capped, an Indian government panel has said.

Fed Circuit upholds $23m win for spine surgeon against Medtronic


An appeals court has upheld a $23 million damages award for a spine surgeon, after a jury found that medical device company Medtronic had infringed two of his patents.

Sequenom and Illumina prevail in UK confidentiality dispute


The England and Wales High Court has ruled in favour of Sequenom and Illumina, after the companies asked the court to rule that they were entitled to receive confidential information in legal proceedings against three competitors without additional restriction.

Fed Circuit opens door for additional pharma revenues in Supernus decision


The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has overturned a reduction in the patent term adjustment owned by Supernus Pharmaceuticals.

Showing 31 to 40 of 2383 results