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Haier division scores win in global patent dispute

UK10-12-2020Rory O'Neill

Flexicare infringed a breathing tube patent owned by New Zealand appliance maker Fisher & Paykel (F&P), the English High Court has ruled.

Danish university sues Creative Biolabs over ‘antibody pirating’

Denmark, US09-12-2020Sarah Morgan

The University of Southern Denmark has accused biotech Creative Biolabs of infringing its patent-protected monoclonal antibody, HG-HYB 7-5. 

Neurim prevails against Mylan in suit over insomnia drug

US08-12-2020Muireann Bolger

Neurim Pharmaceuticals has won its case against generics drug maker Mylan at the English High Court, which held that its patent for a treatment for insomnia was valid and had been infringed in a ruling handed down on December 4.

Number of pay-for-delay deals remains low, says FTC

US07-12-2020Sarah Morgan

The number of potentially anticompetitive patent infringement settlements between brand drugmakers and generic competitors remained low in 2017, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Illumina, Roche accused of infringing genetic testing patents

US07-12-2020Muireann Bolger

Pharmaceutical companies Illumina and Roche have been sued for allegedly infringing two patents covering the technology for non-invasive DNA testing by Maryland genetic testing company Ravgen.

Abbott must face HIV testing patent suit, rules judge

US04-12-2020Sarah Morgan

Abbott Laboratories must face allegations brought by Grifols Diagnostic and a Novartis subsidiary that its HIV testing products infringe a patent covering a method to create HIV proteins using recombinant DNA. 

Amgen, Teva to face Sensipar monopoly claims

03-12-2020Rory O'Neill

Amgen and Teva will have to face a lawsuit accusing them of restricting competition by engineering a reverse payment designed to keep generic versions of Sensipar off the market.

Teva urges Fed Circuit to save skinny label law from ‘nullification’

US03-12-2020Sarah Morgan

Teva has urged the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to rehear its dispute with GlaxoSmithKline en banc, claiming that if the decision is upheld, “every skinny-labelled generic is at risk”.

Siemens drops heart catheter trade secret suit

US03-12-2020Sarah Morgan

A medical technology subsidiary of Siemens has settled a lawsuit against a former vice president, who it accused of stealing trade secrets related to heart catheter devices.

ICE targets COVID-19 vaccine fraud after seizing proceeds worth $26m

US02-12-2020Muireann Bolger

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has unveiled the next stage of its operation to combat a wave of fraudulent vaccines and treatments, after seizing more than $26 million in illicit proceeds from COVID-19 related products over the past six months.

Showing 41 to 50 of 3201 results