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Philips settles ultrasound copyright claims

US27-05-2021Rory O'Neill

Philips has settled trade secrets and copyright claims against a medical imaging company, having already survived accusations of breaching antitrust law.

AbbVie, Taro settle over rosacea drug patents

US27-05-2021Rory O'Neill

AbbVie and its exclusive licensee have settled a patent lawsuit against Taro Pharmaceutical over a generic rosacea drug.

Illumina and Ariosa settle DNA patent dispute

US27-05-2021Alex Baldwin

Illumina and Roche-owned Ariosa Diagnostics filed a joint stipulation asking the US Supreme Court to dismiss a case concerning the eligibility of Illumina’s DNA testing patents.

Under-pressure pharma groups release vaccine scale-up plan

International25-05-2021Alex Baldwin

Several pharmaceutical organisations have joint-published a five-step plan to help provide more equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines that would avoid waiving IP rights.

UC Berkeley loses CRISPR patent at EPO

EU25-05-2021Muireann Bolger

The University of California Berkeley has lost a CRISPR patent in Europe in the latest twist in the long-running IP saga over the gene-editing technology.

House passes Biden-backed orphan drug reform

US23-05-2021Alex Baldwin

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to amend exclusivity laws for drugs on the US Food and Drug Administration’s orphan drugs list.

Takeda, Bayer settle $173m Adynovate suit


Takeda subsidiary Baxalta has agreed to drop its fightback against a $173 million award in favour of Bayer after an appeals court upheld a patent infringement win for the German conglomerate.

TTAB fast-tracks COVID TM reviews

20-05-2021Alex Baldwin

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) will start expediting the review and issuance of ex parte appeal decisions related to COVID-19 trademarks.

Roche subsidiary sues Bluebird over ‘Spark’ TM

20-05-2021trademark oppositionAlex Baldwin

Roche Group’s subsidiary Spark Therapeutics has filed a complaint against rival gene therapy company Bluebird Bio, accusing it of infringing its ‘Spark’ trademark.

The race to patent psychoactives

US18-05-2021Alex Baldwin

Patenting cannabinoids is an established practice in life sciences, but there are a host of other controlled substances in the field of psychoactives that companies have been rushing to patent.

Showing 51 to 60 of 3367 results