BIO 2016 reception round-up: A voyage of discovery


BIO 2016 reception round-up: A voyage of discovery

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The 2016 BIO International Convention kicked off in style Monday night with an evening of scientific discovery at the Exploratorium. San Francisco’s ‘Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception’ proved an appropriate venue for delegates to break the ice, combining pinball and jazz, love songs and a shadow box with cuisine from around the world and drinks to match.

LSIPR talked Brexit with German patent attorneys, San Francisco with New Yorkers and learned about biotech in China and its attendant challenges.

The law firm receptions started with Knobbe Martens in the extraordinary Crown Room at the Fairmont Hotel. Oysters, chocolate and an unbeatable view were washed down with a selection of terrific old and new world wines while a jazz trio played elegantly in the corner.



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