Illumina sues Genoma in patent claim


Illumina sues Genoma in patent claim

Photo: Courtesy of Illumina, Inc (

Genetics analysis company Illumina has sued Switzerland-based Genoma.

Illumina filed a patent infringement claim yesterday, April 21, at the Federal Patent Court of Switzerland.

The claim centres on four patents: European patent numbers 2,183,693 B1; 0,994,963 B2; 1,981,995 B1; and 2,514,842, which cover cell-free fetal DNA used for non-invasive pre-natal testing (NIPT).

Illumina has accused Genoma’s Tranquility NIPT testing service of infringing its patents.

Charles Dadswell, senior vice president at Illumina, said: “We will continue to monitor activities in the NIPT field and file suits where appropriate to protect our substantial investments in this technology covered by our intellectual property.”

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