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LSIPR Spring/Summer 2022

Spring is here and the UK government is marking it by airing its Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, promising to breathe new life into an area apparently suffocated by EU red tape.

LSIPR new recruit Sarah Speight asks lawyers working in the space what this means for patent protection before digging deeper into the issues around plant breeders’ rights and the hot potato that is genetically modified organisms (page 6).
Elsewhere in this issue, we look at the rules around induced infringement in the US (page 7) and why, for those alleging it, timing is everything.

And this LSIPR brings you yet more in-depth articles full of future promise, looking at everything from start-ups to fungi.


LSIPR Autumn 2021

This issue examines big pharma's five-step plan, its alternative to the controversial IP waiver. Elsewhere, it analyses the impact of China's latest IP laws, the potentially chilling effect of the ‘essentially derived varieties’ concept protecting plant varieties, and experimental use exemptions in the UK, plus more.


LSIPR Spring/Summer 2021

The Spring/Summer edition of LSIPR includes warnings about patent eligibility for digital healthcare. Focusing on two cases, one involving the growing areas of bioinformatics, our authors explain why having a novel and useful invention may not be enough.

We also look into the Federal Circuit's trend of undermining certain antibody claims, the European Patent Office's new examination guidelines, and where life sciences startups are choosing to file patents.

Meanwhile, heard the one about the Wuhan lab and remdesivir? A curious situation involving COVID-19, Gilead, and China's updated patent laws is explored, offering more questions than answers. Enjoy the issue!


LSIPR Autumn 2020

This issue covers a wide variety of hot topics in life sciences IP. Alongside COVID-19 issues (with an argument against compulsory licensing by Robin Jacob being particularly of note), this edition visits the doctrine of equivalents in assessing medtech patents, and a double-bill of European Patent Office-focused articles, looking at plausibility and reasonable scope for antibody-related inventions.

Other topics include supplementary protection certificates, cannabis patents, and the important issue of mental health treatments in precision medicine.


LSIPR Conference Special 2020

This issue focuses largely on COVID 19. Stories of vaccine production, disputes over Gilead’s remdesivir, and the price-gouging of face masks, have evolved as the pandemic took hold. 

Other pandemic-related topics are examined in depth by a selection of top industry authors, topics such as patent procurement and licensing, the UK’s attempt to protect ventilator manufacturers from IP lawsuits, and how nations could fall out over the sharing of vaccines.

Elsewhere, non-pandemic issues—microbiome therapeutics being a particular favourite—are also covered in this action-packed and thought-provoking issue.


LSIPR Autumn 2019

  • CRISPR: a licence to heal
  • Antibody patents: the waiting game
  • IP portfolios: the five biggest headaches for in-house counsel
  • M&A: year of the megadeal
  • Pharma: a Mexican tradeoff
  • Divisional applications: procedural manoeuvres pay off


LSIPR Conference Special 2019

  • Precision medicine: The future of healthcare?
  • Medicine man: Shire IP chief talks Takeda
  • Diversity focus: Solving STEM’s gender gap
  • High times: Cannabis marks get creative
  • Seed change: India’s growing GMO battle


LSIPR Autumn 2018

  • Patent expiry: 5 drugs bracing for generic competition
  • CJEU on gene-editing
  • I-MAK interview
  • Cannabis and
  • IP SPC export waiver


LSIPR Conference Special 2018

  • ZFN: a rival to CRISPR
  • Drugs regulation: the post Brexit landscape
  • Fake medicines CRISPR Technology
  • LSPN North America

LSIPR 50 2018

50 Key influencers in the life sciences 2018

  • 50 key influencers in the life sciences
  • Easy to digest with a mixture of profiles and interviews
  • Sections on Government, Legal, Business and Investment


LSIPR Autumn 2017

  • Patent extension in Canada
  • Fighting cancer at Aslan
  • Counterfeit drugs
  • PTAB developments


Life Sciences IP Review Conference Special 2017

  • Brexit and the impact on life sciences,
  • CRISPR; Global IP battleground,
  • Green patents; the fast track to examination


Life Sciences IP Review Top 50 2017

  • 50 key influencers in the life sciences
  • Easy to digest with a mixture of profiles and interviews
  • Sections on Government, Legal, Business and Investment


Life Sciences IP Review Autumn 2016


Life Sciences IP Review Top 50 2016

lsiprbio2016-coversmall.jpg Life Sciences IP Review Conference Special 2016


thumbnail-autumn-lsipr.jpg Life Sciences IP Review Autumn Special 2015



Life Sciences IP Review Conference Special 2015



LSIPR Newsletter Archive

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Life Sciences IP Review Quarterly 2.2



Life Sciences IP Review Quarterly 2.1



Life Sciences IP Review Quarterly 1.4



Life Sciences IP Review Quarterly 1.3



Life Sciences IP Review Quarterly 1.2



Life Sciences IP Review Quarterly 1.1


  • Adapt or die: surviving the patent cliff
  • Interview with Bayer's chief IP counsel
  • Stem cells: implications of the Brüstle case
  • Priority trap: disclosure in Germany


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2013


  • India: a threat to an industry or just misunderstood?
  • Considerations for biopharma under a
    first-inventor-to-file regime
  • Patent protection of traditional knowledge and
    biological material
  • The European take on the Bolar provision


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2012


  • Is there life for medical diagnostic patents after
  • Out in front: the Boston Cluster
  • India’s first compulsory licence
  • The importance of prior art searches


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2011


  • An interview with BIO president Jim Greenwood
  • How shifting IP laws change the global life sciences
    regulatory chessboard
  • Practice points in Israel patent prosecution
  • Clinical trials and stratified medicine—
    Maximising patent exclusivity


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2010


  • Myriad issues for gene patents
  • EPO oppositions: a cost-effective
    alternative to litigation
  • Stricter examination requirements in Canada
  • Clarifying patentability for medical and
    surgical developments


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2009


  • Questions of human embryo research
  • Patenting trends in the vaccine industry
  • The UK Patents Court:
    a more inventive jurisdiction?
  • The patentability of stem cells


Life Sciences IP Review Annual 2008


  • Assuring the integrity of a supply chain
    against global threats
  • IP on the smallest scale
  • What makes a good expert witness?
  • Supplementary protection certificates
    for medicinal products