Ten tips for generating a life sciences brand name


Christina Martini and Virginia Wolk Marino

Ten tips for generating a life sciences brand name

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The proliferation of brands, combined with the financial and PR consequences of a potential rebrand in the event of infringement, has made selecting a trademark trickier than ever. Christina Martini and Virginia Wolk Marino of DLA Piper report.

In the challenging and complex world of life sciences product development, choosing a brand name that survives numerous trademark office and regulatory clearance processes is essential.

An effective pharmaceutical or medical product name can become a significant source of value to companies in this industry, and can serve to both differentiate a product and engender loyalty in a competitive market.

Given the high stakes, pharma companies often retain specialists to help compile lists of names for global legal consideration and brand clearance, a process that usually entails several rounds of searching and often includes both preliminary and more in-depth analyses. Preliminary trademark searches provide a review of nearly identical trademark applications and registrations.

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