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Plant Varieties
An important post-Brexit deadline for UK holders of Retained EU Plant Variety Rights is approaching, explain Alice Smart and Simon Bradbury of Appleyard Lees.   27 April 2023
It may not be straightforward but it is possible to obtain protection for valuable combination patents in Brazil, say Lívia Figueiredo and Priscila Kashiwabara of Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property.   13 April 2023
Pinsent Masons and Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein, & Fox consider why the Unified Patent Court, due to open on June 1, 2023, will make Europe a more attractive patent litigation venue for US businesses.   4 April 2023
As the US Supreme Court probed the key issue of enablement in Amgen v Sanofi, patent lawyers shared their views on the much-anticipated hearings.   28 March 2023
Big Pharma
As AbbVie’s multibillion-dollar blockbuster drops over the patent cliff, is it time to tighten up patent and pricing strategies in the US? Sarah Speight investigates.   21 March 2023
The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation has accused the pharma giant of excessively pricing its blockbuster drug, and believes it could influence the regulation of pricing and patent policy for global medicines in the process.   9 March 2023
Big Pharma
The long-running legal saga between the pharma giant and the NHS as well as generic drug makers has developed further, as Darren Smyth of EIP explains.   15 February 2023
The Tokyo District Court judgment on patent infringement and question of territoriality is game-changing, says Takanori Abe of Abe & Partners.   9 February 2023
With wearable health monitoring technology booming, Apple is facing several challenges to its smartwatch patents from medtech firms, and ITC investigations threatening import bans in the US. Sarah Speight reports.   17 January 2023
Big Pharma
The pharma company’s arguments focusing on ‘inventive step’ failed to convince a London court that the Israeli generic drug maker had infringed, explains Azadeh Vahdat of EIP.   17 January 2023