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Science fiction is becoming science fact but the Alice/Mayo framework throws up some interesting challenges to bringing life back from the dead, explains Brian Hausman of Baker Botts.   5 January 2023
Bringing a medical device to market relies on a broad understanding of IP, explain Sabing Lee and Kregg Koch of Knobbe Martens.   3 January 2023
As patent attorneys look ahead to 2023's key rulings, Timothy Sendek of Akerman offers insights on the pending enablement case at the Supreme Court.   15 December 2022
Big Pharma
As the ‘UK+’ exhaustion regime is set to continue for now, Rebecca Anderson-Smith of Mewburn Ellis explores how pharma firms should protect their rights.   1 December 2022
What does it mean for women to be at the heart of our business? Janine Swarbrick and Sofie McPherson of HGF examine the gender balance in IP and what is being done to improve it.   15 November 2022
WIPR Diversity sat down with Kathi Vidal, director of the US Patent and Trademark Office, to talk about her bold plans to encourage more women into the field of patents, expand the bar and make the agency a great place to work.   8 November 2022
Developments in microbiome tech are aimed at reducing the need for antibiotics in livestock farming and have led to some notable patenting trends and requirements, explains Rosie McDowell of EIP.   27 October 2022
Big Pharma
Safe harbour provisions can be relied on but their boundaries are still being defined, explain Jeanna Wacker and Tasha Francis Gerasimow of Kirkland & Ellis.   25 August 2022
Protecting new and inventive innovations in this increasingly crowded area is essential, explains Ine Vanderleyden of Mewburn Ellis.   23 August 2022
Big Pharma
Two decisions from the European Patent Office offer important guidance for healthcare inventions that use computers, says Rosie McDowell of EIP.   16 August 2022