6 June 2024   Latest addition to the firm brings medtech expertise and experience assisting digital health companies using AI and machine learning | Move comes at a time when “health care companies are thinking more like technology companies”.

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Technology is continuing to transform women’s healthcare and female inventors are driving the change—but more needs to be done to ensure they secure IP rights.
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Revocation and infringement actions involving a cholesterol treatment, prosthetic valves, and methods for analyte detection are among the first to land at the court within its first month, explain Joanne Welch and Darren Smyth of EIP.
More clarity is needed on the application of Alice and Mayo to patent eligibility—particularly for firms developing innovative medical diagnostic techniques, say Kara Specht and Yinan Liu of Finnegan.
Government-led schemes to incentivise patents are leading to delays and prejudice against legitimate applicants. Tyron Grant of Spoor and Fisher explains how South Africa is tackling the problem.
Bringing a medical device to market relies on a broad understanding of IP, explain Sabing Lee and Kregg Koch of Knobbe Martens.
Big Pharma
Two decisions from the European Patent Office offer important guidance for healthcare inventions that use computers, says Rosie McDowell of EIP.
A pressing need for more non-invasive prenatal tests is leading to increasing IP activity and commercial interest, say Fran Salisbury and Alice Jefferies of Mewburn Ellis.
The global pandemic has increased collaboration and a new wave of disputes is likely. Arbitration is well placed to help, argue Kate Davies McGill, Gaela Gehring Flores and Paul Keller of Allen & Overy
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27 February 2024   DePuy Synthes tries to overturn a ruling over knee replacement device | Challenges the court's decision, including ownership disputes, interpretation of critical terms, and the granting of a permanent injunction.
22 February 2024   Australia-based spinal orthotics device company files suit against ChiroLux | Alleges infringement of one of its chiropractic products aimed at relieving neck pain.
4 January 2024   Dispute hinges on clauses set out in decade-old settlement and licensing agreement | Federal Circuit unpersuaded by arguments suggesting that a federal court erred in denying a preliminary injunction.
28 November 2023   UPC judge, EPO director and Regeneron counsel shed light on the court’s dynamics at London event | Life sciences sector emerging as a major player in the court | Quality of rulings and tight timeframes blamed for lack of appeals.
23 November 2023   Judge encourages lawyers and public to make their voices heard over transparency concerns | Awkward access to public hearings ‘causing problems’ says Regeneron counsel | Plea for public virtual hearings as judge notes that requests have been ‘coming in by the dozen’ | Panellists discuss at LSPN Europe.
14 November 2023   Controversial rule precludes a patent review if there is parallel litigation | Big pharma and tech companies insist the rule is “arbitrary and capricious” | US agency backs Vidal’s authority, calling a proposed intervention “unnecessary”.
2 November 2023   Precedential ruling finds errors in lower court’s findings in a case concerning medical devices | Earlier verdict has been vacated and remanded.
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