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Teva and co-appellant Mylan gain second chance at launching generics of Invega Sustenna, owned by J&J subsidiary Janssen | US Court of Appeals vacates a lower court’s decision to grant validity to the drug’s last remaining patent.   2 April 2024
Former Biogen counsel brings expertise in patent litigation for startups- Fortune 500 biotech giants | Experience in gene sequencing, computational biology, diagnostic software, and biosimilars.   2 April 2024
Judge disagrees that barrier against generic drug makers should be longer | Pharma company argues that ‘window should be shut’ on copycat versions due to potential for irreparable harm.   28 March 2024
Roche patent attorney Matt Flinders shares his perspectives on the impact of emerging tech on patent law and strategy | Insights into the challenges companies are facing with emerging tech.   28 March 2024
ERS Genomics, founded by CRISPR co-inventor Emmanuelle Charpentier, celebrates as China rejects invalidity challenges | News follows on heels of a similar Japan Patent Office decision.   26 March 2024
Judge’s dissenting opinion challenges the interpretation of the safe harbour provision by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit | Decision concerns Meril's importation of transcatheter heart valve systems in a dispute with Edwards Lifesciences | Court majority upheld the district court's ruling favouring Meril.   26 March 2024
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US Patent Trial and Appeal Board sides with the biotech pair in their challenge against Moderna's mRNA vaccine patents | Inter partes review challenges broad claims and monopolisation over mRNA tech.   21 March 2024
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Pharma giant says defendant initially concealed new role at competitor | Employee allegedly took “vast amounts” of confidential information and accessed it while employed by Pfizer.   21 March 2024
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ViQual Medical Technology had accused Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of stealing secrets related to monitors for diabetes and other conditions | California judge says no evidence confidential information was taken or used.   19 March 2024
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Amgen patents declared valid in Germany and Japan have also been deemed invalid by the European Patent Office, US Supreme Court, and in a separate Japan decision: but why? Takanori Abe of Abe & Partners examines the details.   19 March 2024